Ambassador/ Membership Committee

Chair: Liz Moses 219-508-7004

Irma Torres-Cantu, John Peterson, Roger Moehl, Terry Hardin, Devra Leonard, Jeff Liggett, Michael Scanlon, Cortney Robinson, John Schmoeger, Doug Giltrap, Kim Mrak, Lori Monahan, Ran Taylor

This committee helps promote the Chamber as well as identifies/recruits new membership and helps maintain retention through enhanced programs and services. Committee meets the second Monday at Rittenhouse Senior Living in Portage at 8 am.  


Banquet/Awards Committee

Chair:  Mary Linoski and Linda Hardin

Terry Hardin, Nancy Simpson, Danny Gonzalez, Mike Sarver, Irma Torres, Jessica Bailey, Brandie Belstra, Liz Moses, 

This committee reviews all nominations presented by Chamber members for several community awards that are presented at the Community Awards and Recognition Banquet. This committee also organizes the November Community Awards and Recognition Banquet including securing sponsorships and raffle items.  This committee meets around 4-5 times between August and November at the Chamber office.  


Budget/Finance Committee

Chair:  Terry Hardin – 762-5025

Jamie Lewis, Mike Sarver, Nancy Simpson, David Ondrovich, 

This committee analyzes and recommends ideas/policies concerning the financial affairs of the organization. The committee meets monthly at various times in the Chamber office.

Building Committee

Chair:  James Hazzard Samuelson Insurance, 219-762-3702,

Mike Sarver, Frank Farkas

The Building Committee oversees all activities associated with the operation, maintenance, safety and security of the building, grounds, furnishings and equipment owned by the organization. This committee meets on an as needed basis.


Community Profile Committee

Chair:  Judy Kukelka Rittenhouse Senior Living, 219-764-2900

Kelly Credit, Nancy Simpson

The directory committee develops the Community Profile, which is an overview of the Portage community, which goes out to 10,000 Portage residents and businesses. The committee also, helps in the design of the Chamber Directory which is given to all chamber members.  The committee meets monthly or as needed from March thru July.  


PCBN Committee (Portage Community and Business Night)

Chair:  Mike Lovings

Danny Gonzalez, Jenny Craig, Nancy Simpson, Irma Torres, Liz Moses, Kristi Rapka, Jessica Bailey, Tim Flatz, Lori Monahan, Melinda Metz

The committee plans and executes the largest networking night in Portage which hosts 100-150 businesses and provides these businesses to promote to 500-700 Portage Residents at Woodland Park. This committee meets every other week from November thru April.


Golf Committee

Chair:  James Hazzard, 762-3702,

Mike Sarver, Linda Hardin, Kristi Rapka, Danny Gonzalez, Jake Reeder, Nancy Simpson

The committee organizes this annual one day golf outing featuring one flight, continental breakfast, sack lunch, dinner buffet, awards, sponsorships and contests. Committee meets 4-5 times from February thru June.


Governance Committee

Chair: Terry Hardin, 762-5025,

Jake Reeder, James Hazzard,  Nancy Simpson

This committee helps with providing legal oversight for the organization


Marketing and Communications Committee

Chair: Jessica Bailey, 219-762-3300,

Terry Hardin, Nancy Simpson

This committee works to raise needed revenue for continued operations and to raise donations for a particular cause. The marketing committee develops strategies on how to communicate messages to potential members and to generate interest in the benefits of becoming a Chamber Member. This committee meets ongoing every other month.


Personnel Committee


 Mike Sarver

The personnel committee handles the human resource issues that may arise.





Education Committee

Liaison between the Chamber and the Portage Township School System.


Nomination Committee

Chair: Terry Hardin, 762-5025,

Irma Torres, Jamie Lewis


Public Policy Committee

As needed