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Happy Birthday,
Portage Chamber!
Happy Birthday, Portage Chamber!
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Discover what Portage has to offer
in the 2019-2020 Community Profile

Discover what Portage has to offer in the 2019-2020 Community Profile

February 22 & 23
Thursday, April 16 2020

Member Spotlight

Congratulations to our member of the month: Moses Caregivers.

This home is just a big, family-like home. Guaranteeing the residents are as comfortable as possible and are able to call their living quarters home was the number one goal Moses and her staff wanted to accomplish and maintain.

The staff manages the house with the same routines as living at home, such as having lunch at noon and dinner at 5 p.m., but if they don’t want to eat then they don’t have to. Snacks are offered when desired and family members are welcome to visit at any time.

That’s how we do it here. They live their life with dignity. I just keep saying I give them dignity. They are all loved, they are taken care of, and they see it as their home. Just like it was for my mother. She was able to say it was her home and that made us happy and that’s why I knew I had to do this, why I knew I could do this. I thank her all the time because that’s how I got to the profession that I love.

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  • Boating and fishing (city and several private marinas)

  • 45 minutes outside Chicago for customers, suppliers, entertainment and recreation

  • Home of the International Port of Indiana, the largest port on the Great Lakes servicing over 100 foreign ships a year plus lake barges

  • 12 miles from the Valparaiso Airport for private air services

  • Bus charter from downtown Portage to Chicago Midway and O'Hare airports

  • 2 public golf courses

  • 6 mile paved Prairie Duneland Trail for walking, running and bicycling

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