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  • Kirby Risk opens their 39th branch location in Portage!

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The Member of the Week for the week of December 11-15th is Holladay Properties. Holladay Properties was established in 1952 as Grant Holladay Construction Company, a developer of single-family tract housing, Holladay built its first Midwest residential
project in 1967 in South Bend, where an office was opened in 1978. While originally focused on residential development - apartments, condominiums and retirement housing - in 1981, Holladay’s Midwest operations built their first commercial building and has since focused on office, medical office, build to suit, industrial and large-scale land developments. In 1999, Holladay was split into two companies: the name Holladay Corporation was taken by the Washington, D.C. office, where they are still an active developer in the land, multi-family and condominium markets. The Midwest operations were renamed Holladay Properties with controlling interest sold to John T. Phair and a group of partners. The demands of the commercial real estate business require a commitment to service, productivity and quality that the customers of Holladay Properties have come to expect. We understand that choosing the right partner for your real estate needs is a decision of critical importance. Over the last 65+ years, Holladay has grown into a nationally recognized, first-class provider of commercial real estate solutions. We are capable and committed to achieving success with you and adding value to projects both big and small. The steadfast dedication and incredible work ethic of our professional staff has continually demonstrated our capacity to produce consistent quality and results that greatly exceed our clients’ expectations. Holladay Properties’ mission rests upon being the best at what we do, providing direction, encouraging growth and attracting business investment for our projects, clients and communities.